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Just Gentle Fruit & Veggie Wash


300 ml.

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Just Gentle Fruit & Veggie Wash not only washes away impurities but also keeps vegetables fresh for longer. Removes pesticides, germs, bacteria, fungus, wax and soil.  Naturally derived from corn and coconut. Contaians Hilalayan Pink salt a natural antibacterial Free from scent, cholorine, alcohol, soap and residue.  Food grade quality.  To extend the life and freshness of your fruits and vegetables, simply wash them in our Fruit & Veggie wash before refridgeration. 

 Water 89.70%,  Alkyl Polyglycoside (Cas No. 68515-73-1) 4.00%, Himalayan Pink Salt 3%, Trisodium Citrate (INS331 (iii)) 1.80%,  Sodium Citrate (INS331(iii)) 1.80%,  Glycerol (INS422) 0.80%,  Citric Acid Anhydrous (INS330) 0.50%,  Potassium Sorbate (INS202) 0.20%

Dissolve  5 ml or 1 tea spoon of fruit & veggie wash per 1 liter of water.  Soak fruit and vegetables for 5-10 minutes.  Rinse with runnign water for 30 seconds.  

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