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Just Gentle 3Ds Mask - Junior


5 pcs/pack

Just Gentle Junior Size Disposable Mask is suitable for age 5-15 years old.  Our masks are of premium quality KF 94 Korean standard.  Protects from PM 2.5 dust particles.  Has 4 layers and a filteration rate of 99%.  Our masks is made of high quality soft material and is a 3-D design for easy and comfortable wearing.  (5 pieces per pack) Size 18.2 x 6.7 cm.

Component: non-woven cloth, filter (melt brown), nylon strings (ear loops), steel wire PP cladding (nose area)

1. Open up the mask with the metal on top.

2. Place the mask on your face covering nose, mouth and chin area.

3. Secure the elastic ear loops around ears.

4. Gentlly squeeze the metial wire to fit your nose curve.  

5. Adjust mask to fit properly and securely on your face. 

We Never Include
Any Harsh Ingredients
In Our Products.